7 dollars cost for a DIY photo camera/gopro mounting suport.

7 dollars cost for a DIY photo camera/gopro mounting suport.
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      13702332_10209885368752997_846380130_o It happens many times to find out around the corner a beautiful landscape. And the wish to record that on camera came immediately. And the trouble with it.

    If you do not have the proper gear (camera accessories) fitted on your motorcycle, you have to stop , take out the camera, try to fit it somewhere and you’ll always be with one eye to see if it didn’t fall down. 

 I tried, like many of you did, to put it on my helmet, but it started to pull my head back anytime I had a little bit more speed.

   I searched for some mounting support which needed to match with the idea of fitting in easily; to be able to leave the camera on the mounting support and switch it on and off whenever seeing a beautiful landscape popping out the corner.

Today, in my way to the city, a policemen on a motorcycle just passed by in front of me with his lights on …. WOW . His strobe lights were on and fitted on a stick.

    I turned around, drove straight  to Home Base shop and with a cost of only  7 dollars look what it came out, using 4 wall pipe supports (different diameters), 3 bolt nuts and 2 screws.

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