1. What is Motonest?

2. How does Motonest work?

3. What does Motonest offer?

4. How can I register in Motonest?  t is Motonest?

1.What is Motonest?

The Motonest concept has two main components: an online platform – and the Motonest Mobile Applications.

Through these platforms the     information becomes available for the Motonest user depending on one’s selections: geographical coordinates, activity, services on-offer, ratings and other important information. All this information are at the user’s disposal by maximum 3 clicks through the Mobile Application.

It is known that the search engines are offering at one search even hundreds of pages of results, searches which don’t have by all means a connection with the quality of the offered services or the user’s distance, but rather a number of access or the online seniority.

Motonest does this search automatically by offering to the user not only the geographical coordinates of the needed service but also information about the functioning hours, photos, the track which the user needs to follow, the telephone number of the owner and other important features.

The access to Motonest it’s free of charge for every user. Motonest Mobile Application can be used without an Internet connection or a GSM coverage. Therefore, Motonest is for everyone a very useful handy concept to find the services which we are offering.

Motonest came out by the necessity of finding immediately and close by a solution for the problems or needs which appear frequently both on our travels and in our daily life. Motonest is a utilitarian concept which helps the user to select the most important data for him from the large amount of information (sometimes chaotic) which exist nowadays on the online environment.

2. How does Motonest work?

Motonest Mobile Applications are available both on Android and iOS operating systems, with free download.

Once the application is downloaded and can access the GPS from your mobile phone, by simply choosing one of the services from the main interface Motonest makes available for the user the first 20 locations which offers the selected services.

All these being picked out in order of closeness of the user. If the user chooses from the locations shown at one touch, he/she has automatically at his/her disposal a photo of the location, a contact number, details about the track and many other features.

Therefore, our user is in direct connection with the searched location, at only 3 click away, having the possibility of asking any kind of details or even going on the shortest way to the location.

Thereby, the Motonest Application becomes a useful and simple tool for all those who think they might need the services included on the Motonest platform.

3. What does Motonest offer?

For those registered on the Motonest platform ( and Motonest Mobile) we are offering the possibility of appearing easily on the way of his/her clients even if they don’t have an Internet connection or a GSM coverage on their mobile phones.

The Motonest Mobile Application is a lot easier to use for searching an information on the screen of a mobile phone. It is known that nowadays the use of mobile phones and tablets is more frequent than the ones of laptops and desktop computers. On the Motonest platform the registered users can expose to their clients a full description of their provided services.

The data about a location registered on the Motonest Map can show: a description of the place, working hours, photo album, contact button directly to the owner, videos, prices, special offers, possibility to receive messages and comments, map and navigation directly to the location, details about geographical positioning, and other services available on sight such as Internet, pool, etc.

Motonest is an economy at the amount of money spent for commercials of a certain location.

It is known that these commercials can be seen by users found at hundreds kilometers away and who will never appeal for the services of that location.

Motonest can be your personal Internet page.

On Motonest, each location has its individual page where are shown all the details concerning that location.

This page works as a normal web page in a secure format (https).

The information presented on this page can be changed at your will through the login panel which Motonest makes available for you.

The information shown and changed by you will automatically appear and will be published as soon as you make a change or add a detail.

Motonest offers further assistance for registration or administration of information. It is enough to press the chat button from or to send an email at and the Motonest team will be at your disposal for any kind of information or settings required for your account.  

4. How can I register on Motonest?

The registration on Motonest can be done in many ways and is available both for those already used with online subscriptions and payments and for those not very acquainted with online payment procedure or creating of accounts.

Those already familiar with the online procedures can use both the automatic module with creating a Motonest Account and the payment module.

Once the payment is done, the Motonest Account is created and you can proceed immediately with its administration (adding locations, details, photos, etc.)

Those of you not very familiar with the online activity can send us an email at with your request and some details of the location you want to publish and the Motonest team will make all the required settings for the registration of your location after the confirmation of the payment.

Motonest offers step by step assistance for registration, settings and modification of an account even if it’s necessary, previously, to have a conversation through email or chat with the person who requires it.  


The types of annual Motonest subscriptions are:

* SILVER listing –which allows the registration of only one location and offer limited business details.


*GOLD listing – which allows the registration of three locations and offer full businesses details.


(The payment can be done in any currency, the conversation being made automatically)

**In case it is wanted the subscription of more than 3 location from the same group this can be done after establishing the details with the Motonest Team.*

* Download free!


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