In order to Add a location (nest) you have to create an Motonest account first. 

Please follow the Registration tutorial here

  If you have already a Motonest Account  you can start to follow the ”Add Nest (location)” -tutorial/guide

Add Nest (location) TUTORIAL- Guide

  1.  Login in your Motonest Account.

       2. Insert your username or email address and password, in the designated fields. Press ”Long In”.

     3.  Click to open your Motonest account details. Go to ”My Items”.

       4.  Add new Item ( location ) on your Motonest Account dashboard.

     5.   Complete details about your location.

    6.  Choose the category type of your location.

    7.  Set the main Image of the location ( Item ) . Complete the exact address of your location.

    8. Complete requested details of your location.

    9. Complete Social Media details.

    10.  Start adding pictures from your location.

         11. Upload files in your Media gallery.

     12. Select and ”Insert Image” in your location details .

     13. Add new pictures and new features.

       14.  Click ”Update” and submit for review to admin. 

   *******For the Gold Motonest Account, a review is not mandatory and the location will be published immediately.   
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