The advice (opinion) of a motorcyclist does matter!

The advice (opinion) of a motorcyclist does matter!
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I always listen to motorcyclist’s advice.

Time is precious and when I have to search for Motorcycle friendly places, I don’t want to waste my time with useless experiences and I pretty much take the motorcyclist’s recommendations very seriously.

The idea of “Motorcycle friendly” or “Bikers welcome” is not new and if all these places could be connected together, we can easily create a network of places and services based on the motorcyclists ’recommendations.

It would be excellent to have on this network as many motorcycle friendly services as necessary, not only accommodations or restaurants.

And if this network could be easy to access from anywhere in the world and the network would be updated in real time – that would be just perfect!

It doesn’t sound bad at all, does it?

At first I wasn’t thinking at this at all, but finding myself on the side of the road for almost 6 hours in a place where I didn’t know where to head for (to find a store where I could buy a damn alternator belt) gave me a lot to think about.

At that time I remember mumbling “Well, s**t happens!” and shortly after that it happened again.

I was very close to sleep on a bench chained up with a rope from my motorcycle, because it could’t find a safe place to park and sleep that night.

As a rider told me “sometimes you find yourself in the situation of paying a one night sleep with the budget for 3 days” and this is not funny at all.

In 2015, at 9 o’clock pm, 2 Turk motorcyclists knocked at my door being guided by someone who knew I am passionate about motorcycles.

One of them had its left foot peg broken on a Versys, on their way to the Czech Republic.




Knowing exactly the person who solders in aluminum, I could fix up his foot peg in 15 minutes.






It was funny to see myself after a while, tagged on Facebook, with an invitation to Turkey from their side.






I couldn’t wait for Stelios to arrive in my town, together with 2 other bikers, to buy him a drink and have a chat as we did once when I was in Greece.

When they arrived to my town, one of the riders was sick, having a cold and a fever. I have quickly found them accommodation with safe parking for two days and a pharmacy from where he could buy the antibiotics he needed.

When Stelios left, he thanked me for my help and recommendations.


All these happenings gave me a lot to think about.

I was able to help these brothers on two wheels mainly because I knew the places they needed located on my area.

I thought to build a map where I can mark all these biker friendly places, and not only me, but every rider in this world to be able to mark the motorcycle friendly places from their area and this map to be available for everyone.

We haven’t thought too much about it and we started to build it up.

The result is MOTONEST, where you can easily find motorcycle friendly locations. We called them Nests.

We thought about the most important needs of a motorcyclist. We also thought about anyone who travels on 2 wheels, no matter if it’s for a journey or just commuting.

The idea was immediately embraced by motorcyclists who started to recommend the subscription on Motonest to different motorcycle friendly places around their area.

Even so, we had all kind of experiences: some of them were saying they prefer to ride instead of passing by these locations to recommend the subscription on Motonest.

So we thought to help them ride more by paying their gas. (You ride. We pay the gas?)

Today this is done through the “Rider Agent” package.




Motonest is used today as a mobile application built by motorcyclists, for motorcyclists.

Motonest Map is growing every day and if it happens to download the app and not find a lot of Nests around, you should know that you can add them by yourself and, as a bonus, we will pay your gas to ride even more.

Together we can put the world on two wheels: a global map full of Nests for all motorcyclists around the world.

This will bring us what we all want: safety and solutions to our problems.

We are also waiting to share your photos on our Motorcyclists photo Gallery , travels and riding stories on our Blog or Facebook page , so feel free to send us an email at 

Ride safe!

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