She got what she needed!

Now, she has a reliable guidance on the road! It doesn’t matter if she has a GSM coverage or not. Downloaded directly in your mobile phone. Easy to use. Especially for motorcyclists!

Mobile app Update!

New update for MotoNest Mobile app. for android. Download HERE We know that is very important for you to have all the information even if your out of the GSM network coverage. For this reason Now you can use Motonest app with all the database anywhere. Motonest app will provide you the nearest Nest only […]

Go to your Nest and enjoy riding! proudly presents the very useful, user friendly and FREE  Motonest MOBILE ANDROID APPLICATION Yey! We are very happy as well because such a tool was needed by us, motorcyclists. For iPhones users, we promise to launch the iOS version very soon! 🙂 Motonest Team has developed, in the last months, the mobile application which […]

Nordkapp against all odds!

13th of June 2016. My boss called me in his office and told me that I receive only 2 weeks of holiday at the beginning of August! Oh, my! Oh, my! Suddenly, my dream trip became a nightmare. All my plans seemed to go to waste. I thought about this trip for more than a […]

7 dollars cost for a DIY photo camera/gopro mounting suport.

         It happens many times to find out around the corner a beautiful landscape. And the wish to record that on camera came immediately. And the trouble with it.     If you do not have the proper gear (camera accessories) fitted on your motorcycle, you have to stop , take out the camera, try […]

World ride 2016 and MotoNest

World ride 2016 is the project of some very ambitious and courageous honeymooners who started their travel around the globe. They will get married in every capital of the countries they visit and therefore they will break one world record in one tour Nice! Some kind of spread the love around. Motonest is delighted to join […]

Hi there!

My name is Alexandra and I ride motorcycles. It all started 2 years ago when I was in searching for new adventures. My curiosity led me to the point where I needed to try out that sexy thing with 2 wheels named motorcycle. I wanted to dropped out at the passenger seat and to take […]

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