Are you buying a motorcycle? Few steps and advices to follow.

Are you buying a motorcycle? Few steps and advices to follow.
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It is hard to believe that there is a rider who hasn’t tried at least once to buy a motorcycle already used. The transactions of the used motorcycles are a lot more than the sales of the new ones.
Obviously, the criteria of selection of a new motorcycle differs a lot from a rider to another, but there are some aspects which are common when you want to buy a used motorcycle.

The first place when searching for a second hand motorcycle is on different websites where you can dig in through classified offers in order to find the model and the year that you wish for.
The price is one of the most important elements because, on the contrary, we would all buy only new motorcycles, wouldn’t we?
I’m going to take as subject of our article a real example (mine) of buying a used motorcycle, mentioning that no matter what type of motorcycle are you buying, the steps are pretty much the same.
First of all I searched through the well-known selling websites (for Europe) such as:,,,,,,,,,
A big part of this list of websites was suggested by actual riders, from Facebook motorcycle groups, and maybe the most useful of all was Gs Europe , from where a lot of these suggestions came from.
When I’ve finally found the price section which I’ve searched for, I started to call the owners of the motorcycles found on these websites and here is the result:
-50% of the owners don’t answer the phone;
-30% of the owners are giving only their email address and a maximum of 10% are actually replying you in due time (maximum 2 days);
-10% of the ads are actually some kind of schemes which try to make you pay a deposit before seeing the motorcycle, and in this case you can say goodbye to your money. These kind of ads are mostly with extremely attractive prices (suspiciously low prices);
-10% are the ads that have a real information and may be the motorcycle that you’ll want to buy.


The decision of buying a certain type of motorcycle is influenced also by the experience one have as a passionate rider or not.
Here are some general guidelines which I follow:
I’m always careful at the number of kilometers and I’m always trying to find a logical explanation when I see a suspiciously small number of kilometers.
I ask the owner what kind of roads he has taken, where and in which period of time. I try to find he’s age and the experience he has as a motorcyclist. From here I can assume if he took care of the motorbike or not.

We all know that the proper utilization and maintenance of a motorcycle do matter.
I’ve personally always preferred to buy motorcycles from passionate riders and nowadays it is an advantage the fact that you can easily find personal photos of motorcycle trips of those who sell their motorcycle. It’s some kind of self-assurance that everything is ok.
The motorcycles sold by the dealers have a short history and even if they would have a hidden flaw you wouldn’t notice it only after buying the motorcycle and spending probably a lot of money on things you could not have possibly expect.
Usual signs as the deterioration of grips or on the change gear are already some well-known indicators that even a beginner knows to check them by heart. But maybe even more important than that is to check the wheels alignment or eventual signs that indicates you if the motorcycle have been crashed or not.
In Germany is pretty simple to figure out if the motorcycle was involved in a frontal accident because these motorcycles cannot be registered into the circulation ever again even if they have been fixed. So be careful if you are searching for this kind of motorcycles, and if you are still decided to buy one make sure you negotiate an adequate price for the condition of the motorcycle.
After a long time of research I’ve finally found a motorcycle right at a motorcycle dealer near Ulm, in Germany.

I had a funny situation asking about the service made up to 33 000 km and being told that everything was perfectly made and on time, without any mistake and the technical inspection book really confirmed me that.

Even so, I asked a copy of all the bills and the so-called services already made didn’t appear there. Even if the technical inspection book may seem like a beautiful story, anyone can write down anything without actually do it.
An excellent thing to do –if you want to buy a BMW – is to take with you a laptop and a GS-911 (Diagnostic Tool for BMW motorcycles) and in this way you can make your own diagnostic of the motorcycle’s condition.
In the end, I bought the motorcycle from this dealer in Ulm, which was basically a mediator between me and the seller.
I have later found out that the motorcycle arrived in the showroom of the dealer with two days before me buying it. Practically, the “technical insurances” were based only on 3 invoices at some irrelevant replacement parts.

In conclusion, I think the most important thing when buying a motorcycle is to analyze it closely and gather as many information as possible about her history, and if you are not a very experienced rider then ask a rider friend to join you.

I would personally give the highest credit to the passionate motorcyclists who always have the best well-kept motorcycles. These are the ones that will bring you savings in hundreds of euros because they are almost always selling their motorcycles with a lot of extra equipment. (That cost a lot if you want to buy it brand new)
A great advantage that have nowadays the motorcyclists is the online groups of motorcyclists. There is the place where you can find out a lot of interesting things about motorcycles and everything related.




Motonest wishes you to carefully choose your motorcycle, to have only pleasant experiences on the road and a 2018 full of fantastic landscapes!

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