Easy to find, simple to use!

Easy to find, simple to use!
Motonest Mobile application

“I and my wife, Andrea, traveled from Switzerland to Budapest this summer. It was a long ride on a highway and we got tired in Vienna. We searched for a place to sleep on some online platforms, nothing available except those places where a night costs as much as our entire holiday budget. With nearly no hope I opened Motonest Mobile App. I just pressed dial on the first B&B displayed on the screen and I’ve done the reservation right away, on the phone: a room with breakfast and private parking, close to the center, with only 72 euros. Simple and easy!” (Arpad & Andrea Kscibi, Hungary)

Find out how :  ”You ride. We pay your gas!”

Pension Ribisch

“When I wanted to subscribe the Rider Account I said to myself: First of all I’ll try to see if I can convince somebody to subscribe on Motonest and only afterwards I’ll subscribe myself, to see if the 50% Benefit Package for riders really works this way. And it worked! I got 19.5$ just by talking with the owner of a motorcycle shop from California about Motonest. But the great thing was when I made two suggestions in the very same day and got 50% out of theirs subscriptions. It is indeed amazing to travel and get paid! Thanks Motonest!” (Derek S., California)

Rider / Agent


“I was in Spain with my wife and her parents for the summer holiday. I got bored every day doing the same thing and reading motorcycle news, until I came across Motonest Mobile App. Suddenly, I got the idea to rent a motorbike. I found a rental shop in 2 minutes and made the reservation directly by phone. I explored Malaga surroundings and I made a trip to Gibraltar as well. Everybody was happy at the end, including my wife and my parents-in-law. 😀 Great service!’’ (Peter, UK)

Irons Skull Motorcycles


“I got lost several times in some beautiful surroundings in the Carpathian Mountains with no internet and no phone signal. I have witnessed the most amazing sunset with my camera. I used Motonest before and I was a bit disappointed that there are not too many nests around me, but it looks that they are improving constantly. Well done, this time I have found a beautiful place in the middle of the nature using only the GPS coordinates. Keep up the good work Motonest!” (Andrej M., Slovakia)

Pensiunea Ana


To find the needed and wanted location in just a few simple and easy steps – this is the main priority for the Motonest Team.
Time is precious and therefore, giving to a motorcyclist the right direction in a matter of seconds/minutes might be vital in some situations.

Giving also the possibility to motorcyclists to make money while they travel and helping them with their travel expenses through the 50% Benefit Package was a true challenge for us.

We are more than delighted now, to see that the “Rider/ Agent” account is extremely useful for those who need financial support to extend their journeys. We would very much like to hear your stories and your ideas.
Don’t hesitate to drop us a line!
Motonest- a community of motorcyclists build by motorcyclists.

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