Ferry Fodor is back with the first review about Motonest Mobile App

Ferry Fodor is back with the first review about Motonest Mobile App
Motonest Mobile application

The number of the  locations on Motonest Map is growing day by day. A lot of enthusiast motorcyclists together with  people and businesses who offer services for motorcyclist are registering on Motonest and add their favorite  locations.

The data which Motonest provide to a motorcycle  is very complex . It has , address, telephone number, website, pictures, description  and   GPS coordinates of the location which you are looking for.

Anyone can introduce those data on Motonest Map. See below.

On Motonest anyone who has a connection with motorcycle world, or can provide any service to a motorcyclists, can add Nest (location) which is motorcycle friendly.

Registration tutorial/guide – click here 

Add location (nest) tutorial guide – click here

Here you can find out more about Motonest and Motonest Team.

About Motonest- click here 

About the Motonest team – click here 

Motonest Mobile App is working without the need of a GSM network or Internet data network, this is why is perfect to be used anywhere in the world.

Motonest is a community for motorcyclists build by the motorcyclists, there for is very important that this community to be larger to have more and more Motorcyclist who can benefit of the security of a safe place for him and his motorcycle.

I wish you a safe and pleasant journey!


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