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motonest cofounderI’m Titus and I’m proud to be a motorcyclist!

I started travelling around home at the beginning and afterwards I got far and far away. I realized in my journeys that every single day spent with my motorcycle, on the road, was a blessed day. That’s because of a different lifestyle. Traveling-on-a-motorcycle kind of lifestyle.

One of my biggest concerns when I travel on a motorcycle is the place where I have to park it overnight. I always look for a safe parking.

Now let me tell you how the idea of this website came into my mind.

In every place I go, at some stage in the evening, I use to grab my phone, to look into hundreds of offers for accommodation, for a place where my motorcycle is safe and secure. I have never found one at a first sight, without a previous booking.

Along with my collaborators, all motorcyclists, we created this place which has them all: secure accommodation for you and your motorcycle, places where you can eat and have a good time, shops where you can buy gear and parts for your moto, places where you can solve mechanical problems and the most important thing: a worldwide community of motorcyclists!

I hope we’ll become friends!


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