Hi there!

Hi there!
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My name is Alexandra and I ride motorcycles.
It all started 2 years ago when I was in searching for new adventures.

My curiosity led me to the point where I needed to try out that sexy thing with 2 wheels named motorcycle. I wanted to dropped out at the passenger seat and to take over the “helm”. I like to feel that I am in control with a lot of daily things so why not to be in control over a motorcycle?

In a short period of time I realised that it all went to a whole new level. I was deeply in love with what became a lifestyle, with my motorcycle, with the new life that was opening in front of me, new adventures and new places. I have never seen the world as I could see it now, through the eyes of a motorcyclist. It’s simply …A-mazing! I started to travel more and more each day and km after km I become aware of the fact that I can’t get enough.

Even thought you think of speed, craziness and insanity when you hear of motorcyclists (and you are not one of them), the majority of motorcyclists think of security each time they ride their bikes. A secure place where I can park my motorcycle over night is a priority for me. As a motorcyclist, I find very hard a suitable place for me and my motorcycle whenever I am on the road.

This website was created with the purpose to help motorcyclists find a safe parking place, a moto shop or tow truck on their travels, anywhere on the globe. And why not, a good restaurant or an appropriate mechanical service, if it’s the case.

You are more than welcome on this website, I can’t wait to make new friends and to share all of our adventures and travels, on motorcycles, worldwide.

Come and joins us! Come in our Motonest Community! 🙂


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