How the Coronavirus will change our motorcyclist lifestyle?

How the Coronavirus will change our motorcyclist lifestyle?
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I am sure that you have thought at least for once about your motorcycle, during this period in which you must stay at home due to the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Going to the garage and getting on your motorcycle, imagining yourself on a winding road, is no longer a funny thing, it became as serious as possible.

Some motorcyclists even put on their gear and start taking selfies in the living room as they were real divas.

Stop! From here we stop the movie, because it can become dangerous!

But everything is happening now.

How it is going to be after this pandemic passes, in which the strongest urge to #Stayathome, could be and will be changed with #goriding, get out on a motorcycle! ”

What will change in our motorcyclist life, if something that can affect us directly will be different?

We will travel more, or less?

How important is going to be our motorcycle, in our post-crisis life?

Will all of these motorcyclist habits and preferences change after the isolation period will pass?

Certainly, there will be changes in the motorcycle industry, and all of these changes will come, as usual, from the demands on the motorcycle market.

The Motorcycle

I could only imagine how unpleasant it is to pay the taxes (even if some taxes are postponed) on a motorcycle that you keep in the garage and you cannot use it despite the wonderful weather outside.

Of course, this was unbelievable until now, but this pandemic was not supposed to affect so many of us.

What if it’s going to happen again in the future?

Will you still keep and use your old motorcycle for more years from now on?

If so, then this would lead to a drop in demand for new motorcycles on the market and an appreciation of more reliable motorcycles over time.

Given the circumstances, the motorcycle manufacturers will have a new approach.

Which one will it be?

We don’t know yet, but we’re curious.

The Equipment

Unfortunately, and I’m sure that each one of us suffers because the motorcycle riding season is shorter, this means that we use our equipment less.

What are we going to do?

Will you buy cheap equipment each year, or will you buy a qualitative equipment that will last many years?

And here I am very curious to see what approach the manufacturers of motorcycle equipment will be.

They will produce the same models again over the years?

Will they come up with better versions as often as they used to do?

Brands will start collaborating, eventually merge?

We don’t know yet, but I wish all of us will have from where to choose and I am sure this is not going to be a problem.

Motorcycle tours

I think tourism industry will change as well.

It will probably affect how we will travel to far away destinations.
The way we go from one country to another will probably be different.

Accommodations or campsites will probably experience changes as well.

Will we avoid crowdedness?

The booking method will be different, how about the terms and conditions for the reservation?

It is hard to believe that after so much freedom of movement that we had in Europe, it will come a day when the freedoms of movement will be restricted.

It is also very possible that the motorcyclists’ community will have an unexpected outcome. To travel more than before.

Did you ask yourself if it is worth to invest resources in motorcycles and state-of-the-art equipment, when it is best to invest in memories?

Once you stay in the house, quarantined, all these new motorcycle technologies have no use, but the memories of the beautiful motorcycle journeys can give you a good mood and with that comes the release of endorphins and we all know, they lead to an improvement of the state of mind.

My opinion is that it is much better to invest in memories right now.

Will the number of motorcyclists increase or decrease?

The phenomenon of motorcycling has always been associated with a state of freedom and this state of freedom is beginning to be appreciated now, more than ever.

Quarantine versus free movement made the desire to travel “anywhere” to be bigger than before.

I find it hard to believe that a motorcyclist who is quarantined for a period of 2 weeks, can still resist not to feel the freedom and the emotions he or she used to have from riding.

You won’t feel the same thing in the car anyway.

So what if you want to take a longer walk than a walk in the park?

For those who own a motorcycle the answer it is clear, ”I will go and ride my motorcycle”.

So, I hope that the number of motorcyclists and especially female motorcyclists will increase.

Even before this Coronavirus crisis, I greatly appreciated my motorcycle routes and gathered a lot of memories.
I believe that there is no such thing as compromising too much, if I am allowed again to travel in the seat of my motorcycle and go “anywhere”.

So for the moment I #stayathome.

What is the first route you want to take after the traffic restrictions will be done?

I wish you easy waiting!

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