Must see to understand why NO!

I’ve seen it in several shots, even in some movie sequence, but I never imagined it was so huge. I do not think I can tell exactly why certain places are attracting me to see them. Some may because they just exist, others for their beauty, others for their history or even their oddities, some […]

A walk in the pink lake.

” Stop, stop! I want to take a picture! ” I told to Nicolay in the comunicator. Beyond Istanbul over 400 km you start to feel Asia. The advantage of a motorcycle trip is indisputable. You can see things as they are in their day by day life. Far from the tourist areas, everything is […]

Motonest trip to Nordkapp 2016

Nordkapp, the upper end of the earth. It’s like a magnet for every motorcyclist. Some even say that you become a motorcyclist only after you reach Nordkapp. But anyway, the experience of getting there and back is one that will surely remain in everyone’s top. So it is with us.

Nordkapp against all odds!

13th of June 2016. My boss called me in his office and told me that I receive only 2 weeks of holiday at the beginning of August! Oh, my! Oh, my! Suddenly, my dream trip became a nightmare. All my plans seemed to go to waste. I thought about this trip for more than a […]

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