Why leaving comfort life behind and riding around the world?

Why leaving comfort  life behind and riding around the world?
Travel stories

”What direction should I take to circle the globe?”

”East or West?”

”What do you think?”

”West… Yes, West is a good choice.”

”But why?”

”Because that’s what you want.”

This simple and inspiring advice was given to me by Chris, a traveller around the world for the last four and a half years.

In his simple answer, he had revealed to me his life-guiding principle of the last few years: he goes wherever he feels like in the spur of the moment.

Horizons Unlimited. Switzerland, 21 August 2017.

 A meeting of adventurous bikers, from all over the world. Yes, even from Argentina or New Zealand.

Around 50 dusty trail motorbikes gathered around in a simple camping park.

The bikes are loaded with luggage, bearing many old stickers, deteriorated by sun and rain, gathered from the transit countries.

The bikers become friends fast, the dialogues get started easily. Most of them have never met before, yet they seem to know each other. There is something invisible that connects them all, and that is the love for adventure on two wheels.

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Chris started his journey driven by a desire to make a change in his life.

He had the courage to do it. One day, he left from Switzerland, all by himself. In India, he met an Italian woman. They paired up and continued their journey together.

Shortly, the two found out that they were going to become three, as a baby was also on his way, the way to the maternity ward.

After many doubts and discussions, they decided that they would continue the infinite journey even after the birth of the child. They got a sidecar attached to the motorcycle, with a baby cot in it. They have been travelling this way for years.

Their child grows up travelling around the world, playing with children from the transit countries. ‘Leonardo never missed having kids around, he’s sociable and makes new friends easily, so he’s always playing with the kids that come his way.’

Chris loves the feeling of total freedom on his journey. In the morning, he gets out of the tent, drinks his coffee with the map in front of him, and decides which way to go further.


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There are many motorbikers like Chris at Horizons Unlimited.

Toshi, a biker with his disabled wife in the sidecar, they are, too, on their journey of discovering new continents.

No, the disability is not an obstacle for them, but rather a challenge, and a beautiful one it seems. They are happy, happier than ‘normal’ people are.

Taking a walk among the bikes at Horizons Unlimited, in the camping, is like being in a museum where you discover objects that have a story to tell. Many of them bear maps on them, with the traveled road marked down.

There you find many bikers that share their experiences on their blogs, when they have internet access.


Another biker, this time a woman, Judith, travelled by herself from Switzerland to South America.

At the border they asked her:

”Sola? -Sola… -Per che?”

”Why not?”

”You don’t have a family?”

”Yes i do have.. parents, sister, uncles and aunts.. -But no husband and children?”

”No. -Aaahaa !!”

The border policemen seemed to ponder at the mystery of travelling “solo’’ – she didn’t have what they call “family”.

They were far from grasping the concept of love for travelling on two wheels, especially when travelling “solo’’.

When the evening comes in camping, the stories start unfolding more than during the day, they catch fire around the camp fire.

The bikers seem so used to sitting around the fire under the starry sky.

 The special guest was Ted Simon. The first biker who circled the globe in the 70’s.

He’s the author of the best-seller “Jupiter’s Travels”.

An inspiring person who practically initiated motorbiking around the globe.

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 He talked candidly about his life, opening himself up even more than in his books.

When he talks there is a deep silence in the room, everybody takes in his words full of charm and wisdom.

Questions are asked, he replies calmly and humanely.

 “Ted, after all your travels, have you found out who you really are?”

I travelled a lot, I ran looking for my own self, and then I stopped at some point. I didn’t find the answer, but instead I forgot the question.”

Ted Simon, 86, still rides his bike and listens with real interest to fellow adventurers.


Motonest.com was present at Horizons Unlimited Switzerland.

Motonest.com wanted to meet these incredible bikers, to listen them and talk to them.

They found out that wherever they find themselves on their unlimited routes, Motonest App geolocates them and helps them when in need.

Unpredictable routes doesn’t mean unsecured routes for them anymore. And they found this just great.

    The Motonest concept suites perfectly their spontaneity while riding . Riders at Horizons Unlimited were delighted to find out about the Motonest App and even surprised at the idea of earning money by becoming a Motonest Agent and doing what they love mostly: travelling.

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There are more and more Motonest Agents that are traveling around the world and that delights us.

 Horizons Unlimited is more than a bikers’ meeting, it is a meeting of candid inspiring people, who love simplicity and spontaneity.

These bikers do not just travel around the world, but especially on their life’s motorway, towards the inner world, the inner self…

Writen by Alisia Todea.

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