Motonest Black Friday huge discounts!

Motonest Black Friday huge discounts!
Motonest Mobile application

We are happy to announce that starting from today 16 November up to 23 November we have huge discounts on our membership packages.

All our packages are for one year starting from the moment of subscription.

To make the things as easy is possible, all you have to do is:

  • share Motonest Facebook page ( Motonest Facebook )on your location Facebook page

  • send an email at with your location details

  • send payment(for choose packages) through PayPal at (in the message please specificity the name of the location and user name)

Motonest Black Friday offers are:

  1. Member-account : 15 Eur/Year instead of 35 Eur/Year

    – package contains: see HERE : HERE

  2. Company-account : 30 Eur /Year instead of 60 /Year

    -package contains: see   HERE

Make your Location/ Nest visible on and Motonest Mobile.

Create your favorite type on account NOW!

Motonest team.


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