Motonest Mobile Application for IOS and ANDROID (video tutorial)

Motonest Mobile Application  for IOS and ANDROID  (video tutorial)
Motonest Mobile application

Motonest Mobile Application for IOS and ANDROID

Motonest Team has developed, in the last months, the mobile application which is providing you some of the most important information when you are on the road.

Motonest app tutorial presented by Alex:

Every rider is aware of the fact that, in his/her journey, there might appear some mechanical troubles and therefore it might be necessary to look for a Repair Service place or a Moto-shop with parts and accessories.

And let’s also take into account the worst case scenario, when you might need to tow your motorbike. Well, the most common way to find that is to ask the locals which might get pretty difficult sometimes.

In the #MotonestApp you will find all these information alongside a phone number, GPS coordinates, address, routes and more, with just one click of a button.

All you have to do is to turn on the GPS (press ”Find My Position” on top right) on your mobile device and from there you have access to all the details from the nearest Nests including the “Get Direction” button- to go straight to your wanted place.

In many cases, a motorcycle route is taking you away from the GSM or Internet  connection areas and this was the starting point when creating Motonest App.

We developed this application for you, in such a way that it can be used with all its data, without being in a GSM coverage area.

Motonest app is giving you the coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) which you can use in any GPS device and go straight to your desirable Nest.

Hopefully, you will not need to look every day for a Repair-Service place or a Motoshop, but you will definitely need an Accommodation with a safe place to park your motorcycle.

In Motonest app you will find only accommodations with safe parking place and suitable for motorcyclists. You can make a reservation just by clicking (automatically dial) the phone number and speaking directly at the reception or going straight to it by following the route and pressing the ”Get Direction” Button. Other details like email and address are provided as well.

Each Nest has a description and photos to help you choose a suitable Nest for you.

To find a Gas station or a place to eat – these are thoughts which run frequently through our minds while we ride, especially if it is an area which is not familiar to us. That’s why we created a dedicated button for those categories of Nests. In order to find them, you have to follow the same pattern, just press the button and the details will appear on your mobile device screen.

To register a Nest on Motonest Map is more than easy. You just have to create a Motonest Account.  After you set your account details you can add one or more Nests with all their details (location, pictures, opening hours, etc)  according to your wish.

Set your Nest category (check box on the right hand side of your screen) which can be : Accommodation, Repair Service, Tow truck, Moto-shop, Food, Gas station, Community.

Press the ”Publish” button (on the right side of your screen) and your Nest will appear on Map.

The number of Nests from #motonest map and Motonest Application are increasing daily. Many of these Nests are recommended by motorcyclists on the road, which are #motonest subscribers, or simply motorcyclists who want to share their favourite places. We thank you all!

Download the MotonestApp on your  device, now!

Feel free to leave us a feedback!

Safe ride brothers and sisters!


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