Motorcycle vs 10 psychologists? Part 2 ( the battle result )

Motorcycle vs 10 psychologists?  Part 2 ( the battle result )
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Last week I was sharing with you how I choose a motorcycle against a psychologist and how my life changed after that.

I got numerous messages which made me feel that I’m in a brotherhood.

I thank you all for that, it is much more than I expected!

Seeing so many people agreeing with me and thinking that motorcycle can help that much, I asked a former high school colleague who became a psychologist, to give me a scientific explanation for that.

Some people may need this explanation in case they are wondering whether to join this wonderful brotherhood of riders or not.

Here is what Dr. L.R. wrote to me :

” Why a ride with your motorcycle is better than a bunch of psychologists?

Well, it’s not the psychologist himself but the method which may be in some cases inadequate to the situation or, it doesn’t have the desirable effect.

Then it is tried another method, another procedure and this may lead, paradoxically, to the increase of stress… The stress it’s just a normal reaction of our psychic at events and situations which affect its balance.

Meant to protect us, the stress is the one that keeps us focused, gives us energy and the power to action or even to defend our lives.

In the moment when the dose of stress it’s too intense and too long, our health is in danger!

In our fight against stress, a ride with the motorcycle has the following effects: due to the speed, high risk and physical effort, the adrenaline is unleashed from the brain stem through our blood.

The adrenaline is the hormone which “warns” you. Besides the acceleration of the cardiac rhythm and the increase of blood pressure, the adrenaline is “emptying” your mind of all current thoughts, of all problems and keeps you focused on the moment of action.

Then, the break from different places and relaxing landscapes determines the secretion of acetylcholine, a hormone with an opposite effect from the adrenaline, continuing with the secretion of endorphins and serotonins, which are the real molecules of happiness.

This “balance” of hormones, produced by our body, creates a tension release, a body and spirit relief, a silence which shuts down any pressure.

The chemistry of our brain it’s full of complexity and interactions which govern our behaviour. Sports, sex, power, all those who want to win, are  addicted to adrenaline.

Adrenaline it’s a natural drug which needs to be carefully consumed. There are a lot of people which are addicted to adrenaline. It is said that this hormone has effects at the brain level similar with cocaine or heroine.

The major difference it’s that one is natural and perfectly controlled by our body, meanwhile the other ones, are the result of labs, with the well-known side effects!

So, the idea would be to combat the stress naturally, agreeably, without making us to feel worse instead of better! I do think that each one of use can optimise our lives in a natural way! ”

Therefore, becoming a motorcyclist is the natural way of doing good to your mind, body and health.

Special thanks to Dr. L.R.


For those who are not motorcyclists yet : What you are waiting for? 🙂



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