Must see to understand why NO!

Must see to understand why NO!
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I’ve seen it in several shots, even in some movie sequence, but I never imagined it was so huge.

I do not think I can tell exactly why certain places are attracting me to see them. Some may because they just exist, others for their beauty, others for their history or even their oddities, some because they are hard to reach and I could find a whole lot of reasons. But every place I saw was motivated.

Of course there are surprise places, you get over them and you are wondering. these are the prettiest ones.

Why did I choose to see the Buzludzha monument? I think of curiosity at first. But after seeing him I can say it is probably the most kitch and one of the most ugly buildings ever seen.

The Communists broke about 10 meters from the top of a mountain and built a construction of about 35 million dollars, just to glorify communism.

Now all the flying flying saucer is guarded by a guard who unfortunately did not want to take us the 20 euros we offered to bring us in.

Buzludzha monument must be seen, but not for the horribility that somehow spoils the wonder of the landscape that stretches to your feet, but rather it is an example of ”Never like this!”

I mean “Communism NIET!”

Communism NO!

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