New update for Motonest mobile App

New update for Motonest mobile App
Motonest Mobile application

Motonest Mobile App entered the mobile app market on January, 2017.

The Motonest Mobile App can be used on a daily basis and with just 3 clicks you can find the designated places for motorcyclists.
Starting from moto shops and continuing with accommodations, moto shop or tow-truck companies, on the Motonest Mobile App you’ll find all the important spots for a motorcyclist, divided into 8 categories.
The new update of the Motonest App comes with a lot of functionalities.
1. The using of the app both online and offline;
Motonest App can be used without an Internet connection or a GSM coverage, a very useful feature once you find yourself in remote areas or places where the Internet cannot be accessed due to technical or financial reasons.
2. The appearance of Nests (important locations) on the full screen map.
With just one click on the screen, the map will open full screen so you can see all the nests from the map. Your location will be disposed too, along with a pin.
3. The selecting of the travel interest area for downloading the nests.
This functionality avoids the unnecessary overcharge of your phone memory with data which isn’t useful for you. From the Control Panel you can choose the area from which you want to download the data with the nests of interest. This area can be changed afterwards.
4. The registration of a new location on the Motonest App
If you open the Settings key you will find the Register button. This one will help you to easily register your location on the Motonest App or to create a Motonest account in order to take advantage from the “50% Financial Benefit” package.
5. The Share Location button;
This button will allow to share your location.
6. The settings panel;
From this panel you can make the settings you want (unit of measure, nests display, etc.)

The 8 categories of Nests (locations of Motonest) from the application are:
1. Repair-Service
A place where you will find companies, small garages and places to fix your motorcycle.
2. Moto Shops
Here you will find every shop with parts for your motorcycle or equipment for you.
3. Accommodations
In this category are included all kind of accommodation: hotels, hostels, camping sites, BnBs, Guesthouses with safe parking place for your motorcycle.
4. Tow-truck
Companies which can transport your motorbike in case of emergency.
5. Motorcycle Rentals
Companies which are renting motorcycles and equipment.
6. Gas stations
Gas stations with additional services like fast-food, free wi-fi, etc.)
7. Pharmacies or medical points
8. Restaurants.
Even if the number of nests (locations) is small in certain areas of the globe, we have nests added daily through the “50% financial benefit” package, by motorcyclists from all over the world, already registered on Motonest.

Through this package, the motorcyclists become a part of Motonest receiving 50% of the total amount paid by the locations, for their subscription on the Motonest Map, at their recommendation.
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