Nordkapp against all odds!

Nordkapp against all odds!
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13th of June 2016. My boss called me in his office and told me that I receive only 2 weeks of holiday at the beginning of August! Oh, my! Oh, my! Suddenly, my dream trip became a nightmare. All my plans seemed to go to waste. I thought about this trip for more than a year and now the chances to fulfil my wishes dropped from 10 to 0 in 5 seconds. Or 5 words.”You get 2 weeks holiday.” Oh s * * t!

Ok. Deep breath. Count to 3. Alexandra, you’re gonna make it!

9200 km in 2 weeks straight. August. A BMW F800 GS and a lot of desire for adventure and discovering the world.

This was, in broad lines, my summer holiday for 2016. No bikinis, no laying on the beach, no cocktails or sexy dresses this year. It was worth it? Hell, yeah!

I started this journey from Transylvania, with my boyfriend and a good friend from Switzerland whom we planned to meet on the road, somewhere in Poland. Of course that we weren’t able to stick to the plan due to the non-stop rain that our friend caught in the first day.

Was it hard? Was it difficult? Were you able to sit that much on a motorcycle? – There were only a few questions that I’ve heard when I returned home. It’s a strange feeling this “getting back home”. And also the departure. Actually, if I think twice, the departure seems to be harder.

My hands and legs were shaking when I first jumped on my motorcycle, all equipped and full of luggage. This would be my very first long trip on a motorcycle. Of course that I was shaking. The battle was only in my head. Oh, you, fusty weaknesses of my mind! I don’t have time for you!



My right hand on gas and the trip of my life began!

The route was set: Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway –Nordkapp- and back south through Norway, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, home.

On the 4th day we really felt that the adventure began for real. We started our day from Riga, we took a 4 hours ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki and we arrived in Jakobstad, Finland, at 3 am in the morning, after a ride of around 900 km.

Going north it’s not for everybody. The North is taught, unmerciful and stubborn. You don’t have time to waste on the road, you know your goal is right there, in front of you (Nordkapp) and the land refuses to make it easier for you, the stranger. Suddenly you feel so small and low in front of the incredible nature, landscapes and the weather. We used every warm piece of equipment that we had with us: the extra layers, thermic pants and blouses, thermic socks, 2 buffers, waterproof gloves and the most important item: the rain suit! It was freezing! We just left home with 30 degrees and here we had not more than 10.

From Jakobstad we went to Rovaniemi, we entered in Lapland and we crossed the Artic Circle. In Lapland, visiting Santa Clause’s Holiday Village was a must! A lot of reindeers on the road, big, small, brown, white, we have seen them all. Amazing feeling to come across a herd of reindeers, passing at just one meter away from you. We kept north and from passing the Artic Circle in Finland we spent 2 more days on the motorcycle till we finally arrived at Nordkapp!



Tunnels, fjords, the ocean, lakes, reindeers, no man’s land, snow peaks, rain, rain, rain, fog, haze, cold and a deserted place that was sending you the same message: turn around, you’re not welcome. We didn’t turn around and we didn’t let anything to stay between us and our goal: Nordkapp. It was simply breathtaking! From Nordkapp we went south on the Atlantic Road but afterwards the bad weather with pouring rain and blasts chased us away, skipping on doing some hikes and riding on the amazing Trollstigen road.

This was definitely the journey of my life. I returned home as a completely different person. It was a life-changing experience to get outside of my comfort zone, to push harder and harder my limits, to think outside the box and to do scary strengthening things which brought me enormous satisfaction and accomplishments. How could women be just an accessory of a beautiful bike??? I don’t get it!

Do you want to change something in your life? Are you bored of the same routine? Are you willing to discover yourself more and more each day? It’s easy as it sounds! Grab your motorbike or buy one and take a trip to Nordkapp.  You won’t regret it.

I’m 26 years old, I’m a women, I ride a motorcycle, I was at Nordkapp and I can’t wait to rock this world on my two-wheeled beauty! Because I can!



If you wish to see more photos, click here.

PS: Thank you boys for encouraging me and for supporting me during this amazing trip.

Love you, guys!


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