”Overlander Health” or how to maintain your health while travelling

”Overlander Health” or how to maintain your health while travelling
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Nobody wants to be sick! Even being at home, in your own comfort, watching TV. Imagine how important your health is on a trip or more than that, on an motorcycle adventure.
I’m pretty sure that all of us heard about stories with bad endings, where was involved the travelers health status.
Nevertheless, each of us knows that while travelling, a sick partner can ruin or stop our adventure. Even so, we cannot predict anything from the start and we have to adapt and sort out problems on the way. At the end, even those kind of experiences are part of our journey.
How much we know how to deal with health issues on our trips, what to do, how fast, where to go, for what to look for, are just few of the questions which might happen in an unwanted bad health situation.
On Motonest we have a dedicated category named ‘’Medical units’’ and we include in this category any kind of medical unit or medical point, which can be very useful to our fellows travelers.
If you would like to register or even to suggest a medical unit just press here and follow the steps. You never know when your information can save someone’s life.
It is crucial to maintain a good health condition in your trips and any information about how to do that is worth paying attention to and being remembered.
‘’Overlander Health’’ serves as a vessel to help fellow overlanders, travellers and digital nomads with health related information, advice on common physical complaints as well as searching for health professionals for themselves and their pets while they meander around the globe.
We will share today an article from ‘’Overlander Health’’ about a motorcycle life common health issue. And we strongly recommend visiting https://www.overlanderhealth.com to get more important information.
Tingly or Numb Hands? Could it be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
Ok, so there’s a lot that can cause tingly hands, and I won’t bore you with all of the alternatives now, however here I am referring to the type of tingly/painful (or numb) that you get when you have what’s called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

Here’s a quick guide to treating or managing CTS. It is the most common peripheral nerve entrapment syndrome that people suffer from, and I have met several fellow travellers who have suffered from it. It’s a bugger! As a bike rider the exercises below are good to do regularly anyway.
What is the issue? What is the ‘Carpal Tunnel’? ​​
Your Carpal Tunnel is a small passage in your wrist made up of bones and ligaments (things that attach bones to other bones).
The Median nerve, which controls sensation and movement in the thumb and first three fingers, runs through the carpal tunnel along with tendons (tendons attach muscles to bones) to the fingers and thumb (see the picture with the fancy visual explanation…legally obtained from Google).
So basically, in CTS the nerve gets squished a bit when it passes through the carpal tunnel. Not great! As you can see the median nerve is quite important…imagine what you couldn’t do if it didn’t work…keep it clean people!

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