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Choose  the type of account that suits you:

A. Eagle / Motorcyclists 

B. SILVER listing 

C. GOLD listing 


Start promoting your business with us now!

Take the opportunity, join MOTONEST, add your company (organisation) profile in the list and promote your business with us. Fill your profile, add all important information and navigate people straight into your business.

How to Join MOTONEST in 5 steps:

  • Fill in your email, username, choose package and payment method 
  • Click on Sign Up  
  • Pay your subscription via  Paypal or using a Credit Card ( via Stripe) 
  • Check your email for login info, ( in some cases check junk mail as well )
  • Log in and add your NESTs / ITEMs into to 

** Motonest does not charge any additional fees for services provided by you to your customers. Motonest only establishes a connection between the traveler and the owner’s Nest.

Easy registration

In case you wish us to take care of your registration procedure and to skip the automatic registration part, the Motonest Team is happy to help you.

Send us an email at the following details:

1.Name (the owner of the Motonest account)

2.The e-mail address for registration

3.Infos about the Nest (Location) you want to register. Eg.: name of the location – Moto Bed&Breakfast, address, telephone number, website (if you have one), Facebook/Instagram/Twitter or other accounts, activities, a small description of your place.

You can send us any detail you consider it to be important for your location.

4.The payment for the registration of your location:

– limited business details- SILVER listinng

-39$ full details- GOLD listing

This payment needs to be done through Paypal, at

We will register your location/item/Nest on and Motonest Mobile App and we will send you the details to Log in your Motonest account.



Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below Q&As concerning the functionality of Motonest, the prices and terms of use:

How to login and register my Nest (location)?

Once your payment is done you can login in your Motoenst account and register your location with all the contact and info data.


A. Check your email for the Motonest link which you have to access in order to set your password.

B. Reset your password and login in your Motonest account.

In case that you have forgotten your password, please send us an email at or press ''forgot password'' in the login window.

If you cannot login into your account due to the loss of password, you can reset your password automatically or you can ask us for a temporary password which we will generate for you in order to be able to enter into your account.

 Welcome on Motonest! 
You can now log in into your Motonest account and add details. 

The log in into your account can be done using your email and your password - which you have set it when you've registered your account.

Basically it is pretty simple to login into your account and edit your location details. 

To simplify the steps we will give you a few directions about how to login and how to edit your Location details:
Follow the steps in the example below: 
1. Login
2. Go to your account
3. Edit your location details

4. Edit your text and update the new details
​5. Edit your Motonest profile, password change and other settings

We hope that all these print screens will be helpful for you. 

If you need further assistance or any help concerning your Motonest page don't hesitate to contact us.
and Apple Store : 



*** reserves the right to select the locations appeared on their Map.

Why were and Motonest Mobile App created?

Motonest is the answer to the high demand of world travelers who are in search of safe places for themselves and their motorcycles. A trip without following safety precautions is a trip that can end badly at any time. This safety is provided along the way by Motonest through all of its Locations/Nests. In every single Nest the traveler may find a place to rest, technical solutions, food options and mostly an answer to any problem that may appear on the road.

Why should I register my location on and Motonest Mobile App?

If you wish for your location and services to be easily found on a global platform with quick access for all travelers, the first step that you need to perform is to register your business on Motonest. By doing so you will be easily found by beautiful people seeking safe passage on their journeys.

How much do I have to pay for my Motonest Account and for how long?

Your subscription on needs to be paid yearly, and the rate will depend on the type of account you choose. Motonest does not charge any additional fees for services provided by you to your customers. Motonest only establishes a connection between the traveler and the owner’s Nest.

How do I create my Motonest Account?

You can create your Motonest Account by simply following the steps from the login panel. With your account you can add one or more locations which are called ITEMS or NESTS. For each Nest you can provide the address, the phone number, a description of the place and other contact details as well as a gallery of suggestive photos of your ITEM/LOCATION/NEST.

How can I be found if the traveler doesn’t have access to the public telephone network or Internet I my country?

Motonest has 2 interfaces: and Motonest Mobile App. Motonest Mobile App is an application that is easily downloaded on to a mobile phone, and it needs neither a GSM coverage nor an Internet connection. This application is available as a free download from the AppStore or GooglePlay, and your location can be found in just one simple click.

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