You ride. We pay your gas!

You ride. We pay your gas!
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I think the answer at this question is “it wouldn’t be bad at all if that could only be possible”.

Well, it is possible!

Motonest has created for motorcyclists the Rider / Agent Account.

The “50% financial Benefit” Package is especially for motorcyclists registered on with a Rider/ Agent  Account.

Let’s take a concrete example to see how it works:

Let’s assume you ride on your bike and you stop at a certain BnB/Guesthouse/Hotel which you find out is a biker friendly place, with safe parking place for your motorcycle.
You will talk with the manager or the owner of the place about adding his/hers location on the Motonest Map and Motonest Applications. Use Motonest mobile app from your phone. 

The subscription of the location on Motonest is simple to do by following the steps from ( .

Following this suggestion, the owner of the Nest can take the decision to register his location on Motonest immediately or in the next days.
It is enough to email us at with the name of the location, the address or any other detail which you consider important.

If the subscription is done in maximum 5 days since you send your email to, we will send you 50% from the subscription fee into your Paypal Account right away.

Concretely speaking, an annual subscription fee of one location is 39$, so half of this (19.50 $) will go into your PayPal account.

All this things happen immediately after the payment of the location has been made.
**PayPal commission (transfer fees) are paid by the receiver.

We have motorcyclists all over the world who collaborate with Motonest through the “50% Financial Benefit” package and this is why the number of the locations (nests) on the Motonest Map & Mobile Application is increasing daily.
Add a Nest! Be a part of Motonest!
Only motorcyclists REGISTERED with a “Rider” account can take advantage of the ‘”50% Financial Benefit” Package

The subscription fee for a Riders/Community  11$ .

Start creating a Motonest account HERE!

Add a Nest! Be a part of Motonest!

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