The top 5 common Motorcycle Faults ( poll )

The top 5 common Motorcycle Faults ( poll )
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We all know that it’s not a matter of ”If ” but a matter of ”When” you stop your motorcycle on the side of the road because of a fault.

Personally, I was unable to continue my trip only once in 70 000 km, when my alternator belt get ripped and in not more than 40 km I stopped. To continue it was nearly impossible because I haven’t got a spare one. So the solution was a tow-truck. 🙁

Of course there are lots of tutorials on the web which show us how to change an alternator belt (in my case) and lots of tutorials of how to change and repair all kind of problems which can occur on a motorcycle during a trip.

Maybe not all of us have the technical skills and passion for mechanical things. But all of us prefer to ride the motorcycle instead of repairing it.

If you do not want to call the tow-truck services you need to have the tools, the spare parts and the knowledge to sort out your motorcycle fault. I must tell that it’s almost impossible to have them all with you.

So I decided to make a list of 10 common motorcycle faults which might occur on the road, on a ride with your motorcycle. Of course you can add and vote  for each fault you consider happening more frequently.

In this way, we will have a list of the top 5 common faults. Therefore, it will be easier to complete our tool kit (which I always take with me if I ride more than 100 km)

For the beginning, we will complete a list of faults and you can add, vote or leave a comment to improve our results

But no matter the fault you have now  Motonest Mobile with you and in the best case your problem is half way sorted.
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The number of the Nests are increasing daily and you can easily suggest a Nest using the Rider subscription option.

Please note again that these are only the intuitive faults and that it can be modified by vote or you can add some other ones, considering your riding experience.

Motonest team

P.S. We know that the faults depend on the motorcycle type and the manufacture as well.

We do not intend to do a top of which motorcycle is good or bad.

From our point of view all motorcycles are perfect as long as you own one.

**** the picture with the tool kit i got it from the adv rider forum, I was too lazy to go down in the garage to make a picture of mine 😉 *****

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