When saying Milan…

When saying Milan…
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It’s very interesting the meaning of the word Milan for those who don’t live in it and Milan can mean so many things from so many different domains for every one of us.
If you would ask a beautiful women, passioned about fashion, what the word Milan means to her, she would tell you right away without hesitation the name of some famous brands.
If you are asking a historian what Milan means for him, he would joyfully list you the great monuments and pieces of fascinating history of this beautiful town.
Hereunder, those in love with the Italian cuisine would feel spoiled by tasting the unique traditional Italian flavours.

Thus, when saying Milan, you say by default passion and many of us when saying passion say… motorcycling.
I think that EICMA is not being held in Milan just because there is a gathering place for motorcyclists, but because there is the place where motoring dresses up refined clothes and it shows itself like a fashion show.

EICMA is not a place where only the technical details are taken into consideration, but also the look matters.
I am absolutely convinced that, alike beautiful women with scores of dresses in the closet, we, the motorcyclists, would be able of buying a motorcycle for every day of the month. To go to work on a scooter, to go out in the evening on a cafe racer, on Saturdays on a Harley and Sundays exploring the surroundings on a GS, BMW.

The list could go on and on and it seems like it makes me understand better the answer at my frequent question: “Why my girlfriend has five times more clothes than me in the closet?”. Now I get it!
EICMA is a great story about the past, present and the future, which fascinates the biking enthusiasts from the beginning. It is not just a presentation of the most important top brands with the new-ins or latest innovations in the sector.

At EICMA you feel as clear as possible that 2 wheels (or more often 3, without neglecting the Yamaha Niken) mean differently for every rider in part.
For some of us motorcycling means holding between legs 230 horse power, for others means fashion, for a lot of us means commuting and for other bikers it means socialisation.
EICMA is a state of mind. A state in which motoring is felt in all of its forms.

It’s hard to talk about only one brand or only one type of motorcycle present at EICMA because you risk to be taken as a xenophobe, if I can say so.
All motorcycles are beautiful. We like some more, we like other less and this depends from a biker to another.
If you’ve missed this year’s fair, make sure not to skip the following one, cause for sure EICMA is the biggest event in the world dedicated to 2 wheels enthusiasts!
We will let you see up next what impressed us the most and meet you next year in Milan!

More photos with beautiful Motorcycles from EICMA here.

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