Where will you ride next season?

Where will  you ride next season?
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Where will you ride next season?

 What kind of road will you take?

What kind of amenities will you have on the road?

What kind of help will you get in case you need?

These are the types of questions which come through your mind even if the season is not finished already. Because the more we ride, the more we want to keep on doing this.

If you take a look on the social media is impossible not to notice that motorcyclists are like pioneers, willing to try new routes every year; new challenges.

We all know that nothing’s more attractive than a journey or a route which ends up well and safe, with a whole bunch of good memories, a heart full of joy and new friends from different corners of the world.

Based on the answers at our top question, the Motonest Team works continuously on finding more safe nests for you and your motorcycle, on preparing for your next journey.

Even if you just search an accommodation to spend the night or where to stop for a mechanical problem to repair your motorcycle, or just to change a pair of gloves in a moto shop is good to have this kind of information at just one click away.

As we all know, there are some routes and regions already dedicated and preferred by motorcyclists. On these kind of routes we will try to bring you more nests/locations and to widen the range of services that a motorcyclist is searching for.

In the poll below you will find a selection of areas with motorcycle routes. Feel free to suggest us your route or any areas you already enjoyed riding.

This is how we’ll find out which is the busiest route or the preferable one to ride on by motorcyclists.

Let’s prepare for the next season! 😀


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