World ride 2016 and MotoNest

World ride 2016 and MotoNest
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World ride 2016 is the project of some very ambitious and courageous honeymooners who started their travel around the globe. They will get married in every capital of the countries they visit and therefore they will break one world record in one tourwolrr4 Nice!

Some kind of spread the love around.

Motonest is delighted to join and assist them through their travels.Florin and Diana Moraru marked on the Motonest Map useful spots on their road.

Like an explorer marks on his map the points where he feels more safe about. It stands to reason that we, the ones who will pass by the spots already marked and notice the Motonest Logo, we will definitely know that there is a safe place where we can make a stop or use with confidence their services.


To open a new path and to share with others your experience it just doubles your joy of traveling, knowing that those who come after you will feel more safe.

Florin and Diana are now in Denmark and they are keeping north, to the Nordkap.“The winter is coming!“

 Follow them here and visit their Facebook page here .

We wish them safe journey and warm weather and of course, we are waiting more photos from the nordic lands!

Motonest is a very accessible and easy tool to use from you laptop or smartphone during your travels. With only one click you can see all the near-you-locations where you can receive assistance for you and your motorcycle.

The spots are marked clearly on the map, depending on their functionality. Accommodation, mechanical service, moto shops, restaurant with parking areas and contacts from the tow truck agencies.

The function of Moto Community is also present on the Motonest Map, where the motorcycle communities from where you arrive can give you a hand if you need to or advices of what to visit and what roads to take best.

motonest1Motonest released free stickers for motorcycles and for marking safe spots on your travels. For Motonest, Florin and Diana Moraru are indeed Eagles!

Be an Eagle!  Mark a Nest on MotoNest!



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